You need to upgrade your Flash Player The theme of this blog is not only and obviously space, but in particular “terrestrial worlds”, places that tend to have surfaces on which one could walk or at least attach oneself to. These places sometimes also have other earth-like familiar features such as atmospheres, weather, volcanos, geysers and perhaps, we are finding, even exotic oceans, rivers or lakes that are not necessarily made of familiar materials we are used to here at home. The second theme is imagery. Occasionally I do some retouching of images when needed if an image is incomplete or sometimes “dirty” or noisy. I will attempt to correct image shortcomings based upon other images or well-accepted presumed attributes. When this is done, notes will be offered as to what was added, why and sometimes how it was done. This way no one should ever wonder if something they are looking at is real or photoshop.

Archive for May, 2008

Oh My… What Did Earth Do Now?

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Electric Storm meets Erupting Volcano

I don’t usually post terrestrial images of Earth… but this forces an exception.

Titan Descent in Stages

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Titan Descent Images

Best compilation of Titan colorized descent images I have seen yet from NASA. I do suspect the actual color of Titan - on the ground - would look less metallic than these do. All the color seen here is based upon educated guesses and applied over the black and white images returned by Huygens. There were no real color images taken by Huygens during descent.

I plan to do a long post on some amazing renders made for an Italian magazine based upon actual imagery and data… but I am so busy these days. It will go up eventually.

Io and Amalthea Portrait

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Io and Amalthea Portrait

A rare view of Io and the small moon Amalthea seen in the same view was taken by Galileo and recently reprocessed by Ted Stryk (his page is linked lower right). Amalthea is a tiny elongated moon that appears to be quite red. It is assumed that the longish shape and red hue come from the deposit of materials ejected off Io and spiral inward to Jupiter, swept up by Amalthea in its orbital path.

A similar phenomenon has also been seen at Saturn with moonlets that “sweep” ring materials.

Saturnati XVIII

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Dark Side of the Gas Giant

Another Ugarkovic Beauty. Visible in the image are also Enceladus, Epimetheus and Mimas.

Saturn Storm

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Saturn Storm

See Riding with Robots for more.