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Mars: Promethei Planum

Promethei Planum
Promethei Planum, an area seasonally covered with a more than 3500 m thick layer of ice in the martian south polar region taken by ESA’s Mars Express mission.

4 Responses to “Mars: Promethei Planum”

  1. Gordan Says:

    Seasonally covered with 3.5 kilometer deep ice? I don’t buy that at all. 3.5 meters I could believe on the other hand.

  2. thomas Says:

    its what the Mars Express page says about it. You can never trust those Europeans and their crazy metric system!

  3. Gordan Says:

    “You can never trust those Europeans and their crazy metric system!”

    Hey, I resent that!

  4. thomas Says:

    well… not your metric system. yours is excellent.

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