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Cassini Goes Plume Diving in 2 Days

Cassini Goes Plume Diving in 2 Days

The flyby of Enceladus that will take Cassini directly through the plumes is only 2 days off. Could be one of the best events of the year.

2 Responses to “Cassini Goes Plume Diving in 2 Days”

  1. Gordan Says:

    The pessimist in me is having a hard time restraining from saying: Could be one of the worst events of the year.

    I really do hope they got the particle sizes right and none of the bigger particles could get lofted 200 km high and sandblast the spacecraft.

  2. thomas Says:

    that would be devastating to have cassini damaged. it is easily the most exciting mission in operation. on the other hand, it is good to see NASA take some risks for a change. you only get impressive results if you are willing to take risks. i suppose since the mission is going into the extended phase they might be willing to lose a bit more.

    back on the other hand - i have a hard enough time accepting there will be no active flagship mission when cassini comes to an end. so losing it now would be so sad.

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