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Smallsteps Wallpaper: Surveyor 1

Smallsteps Wallpaper: Surveyor 1

Look at the date on this mission. It’s 1966… 3 years before the Apollo 11 manned landing on the moon. It shows you what we as a species could really do had we the initiative to do it. Just 3 years after landing the first unmanned probe on the surface of the moon… we were ready to send people. That would almost be like sending men to Mars just a few years after Viking landed in 1976. Okay… it is much further away than the moon and many other technical difficulties as well. So lets say that it would been like sending people to Mars 10 years after Viking. That would be 1986 and here we are 20 years after that saying it will still take another 15.

The Surveyor craft was sent to the surface of the moon largely just to prove that we could do it. It was doing what its name suggested… surveying places for Apollo to plant a few flags.

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  1. D L Windes Says:

    7 missions were planned. the first 4 were to demonstrate soft landing capability. the last 3 were to provide Apollo support data and contribute new scientific knowledge about the moon.

    reference JPL technical report No 32-1023 dated 8/31/1966

  2. wanderingspace » Blog Archive » Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Launch Says:

    [...] Reconnaissance Orbiter is up and out. Its mission is similar to that of the Surveyor missions of the early 60’s. You wouldn’t think we would be needing to do this again, but it [...]

  3. Anton Szautner Says:

    You’ve posted that Surveyor image upside-down.

  4. Anton Szautner Says:

    @wanderingspace: LRO is similar to the unmanned Lunar Orbiter mapping missions of the 1960’s, not the Surveyor landers. One might have thought that most everyone would understand the clear and obvious necessity of LRO to improve on the limited image resolution and data obtained from the pioneering but half-century-old Lunar Orbiters, but then its obvious not everyone understands why “we would be needing to do this again”…

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