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My Sci-Fi Bookcover Past II

Mars Underground

Scored another one. This time it is hi-res and I think this came out around 1996. I also just happened to get a copy of “Mars Underground” (unrelated) on DVD just yesterday which is about Zubrin’s “Mars Direct” concept of getting men (and women!) on Mars. I am thinking perhaps now this may finally be embraced as NASA’s Mars 2.0 plan going forward?

2 Responses to “My Sci-Fi Bookcover Past II”

  1. Dan Says:

    I don’t know much about Zubrin, but “Mars Underground” seemed to depict him as passionate to the point of maniacal. Certainly we could use a lot more passion to get things really rolling, but it seems like the only things rolling are eyes when Zubrin starts in on Mars Direct.

    Having said that, Mars Direct DOES make a ton more sense than the bloated NASA propositions. We’ll see.

  2. thomas Says:

    i plan on doing a post on the documentary… i just haven’t had the time to put my thoughts to computer. zubrin is exactly the kind of guy it takes to lead such a charge. people like him all through history have made a mark by sheer determinism. eventually… when you are right… people come around.

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