You need to upgrade your Flash Player The theme of this blog is not only and obviously space, but in particular “terrestrial worlds”, places that tend to have surfaces on which one could walk or at least attach oneself to. These places sometimes also have other earth-like familiar features such as atmospheres, weather, volcanos, geysers and perhaps, we are finding, even exotic oceans, rivers or lakes that are not necessarily made of familiar materials we are used to here at home. The second theme is imagery. Occasionally I do some retouching of images when needed if an image is incomplete or sometimes “dirty” or noisy. I will attempt to correct image shortcomings based upon other images or well-accepted presumed attributes. When this is done, notes will be offered as to what was added, why and sometimes how it was done. This way no one should ever wonder if something they are looking at is real or photoshop.

Wallpaper: Space Walk

Wallpaper: Space Walk

Ed White is the first American space walker, which took place on Mercury 7. Sadly, he later died on the ground in the tragic Apollo 1 flash fire which took place during a test run. The accident took the lives of 3 astronauts before Apollo even got off the ground.

Note: I erroneously labeled this wallpaper as Mercury 7 and not Gemini 4. Image has been corrected.

Image Note: Some of the Earth image at the far left has been extended in Photoshop to fill out the space. The original image was square.

5 Responses to “Wallpaper: Space Walk”

  1. Dan Says:

    I just ran across this site looking for wallpapers of the Mars rover images. I appreciate all your posts and the beautiful collection of desktops. Nice to have all these images in one place, and even subtley filtered through a designer’s eye. Thanks so much!

  2. thomas Says:

    well thats just about music to my ears. the very reason for this blog’s existence.

  3. Laurence Says:

    So Beautiful, the crafts reflection in the visor looks organic.

  4. Travis Says:

    soooo cool … wish i could be there

  5. lorena barreneche Says:

    I have a huge question. I m studying to be a visual artist,

    my theme is against GMO. (genetically modified organism) .love for animal, plants and for ourselves. I wanted to used this image for a series against GMO. I wanted to attached my digital portfolio so you could see my art. and attach a sketch of the art piece with this photograph. But I can only submit a comment

    i have this idea on my mind for a while and i really want to get the message out. please write me to my email and let me know if i can used it.

    i appreciated your time.

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