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I Drew the Cassini Spacecraft

So, I am tentatively planning to make a poster for the Cassini mission at Saturn. I always wanted to get a real nice graphic poster of some mission to Mars, Jupiter or Saturn… but the posters out there are always data driven and not so celebratory or artful. So I have decided to make my own and I started with drawing the spacecraft itself. I have no idea how accurate some of the instruments are as I was unable to find many visual references of them apart from the usual renderings.

Cassini Drawing 01

3 Responses to “I Drew the Cassini Spacecraft”

  1. Gordan Says:

    Hey, this is nice! What did you use, some vector drawing program? Did you use an existing image as reference or?

  2. thomas Says:

    Adobe Illustrator baby!… I’m not only a user but I’m also a beta team member. But… yeah… I used an image for reference. You don’t think I have all that memorized do you? I am currently drawing Saturn now. I was going to post that too, but I lost the planet shadow on the rings because my laptop has sleeping sickness.

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